Thursday, March 20, 2014

I love you

When I was in high school, twentyersome years ago, there was a very nice boy I dated.  I had known him since we were in middle school, we had a lot of the same friends from our middle school years through high school graduation.  I thought he was adorable;  I am not sure if had ever thought of me before we starting dating.
But, yet, we dated.  Dated as fifteen year olds do - hung out after school, watched TV on the weekends with friends, ate ice cream at Ben & Jerry's.
Now that I think back on it, I have no idea how long we dated - weeks?  months?   Truly, my very fuzzy memory has no idea.  I do know that we eventually became friends after we broke up.  We have pictures together on graduation day.  He picked me up from the airport my sophomore year at college so that I could surprise my mom with an unscheduled visit.    When my mom was in the hospital after her mastectomy, he took me out to Ben & Jerry's, where we spent our silly teenaged dates, to comfort me with a milkshake.  Bottom line, he was good, kind guy.

One day, somewhere in our teenaged romance, he turned to me, in front of his locker, and said I love you.  He probably meant it as much as any fifteen year old boy could.  And I, in my ever sensitive and intuitive way, looked right at him and said Thank you
To his credit, he rolled with it and gave me a hug.  I, of course, went on to process every second of the interaction multiple times with multiple girlfriends.  One of them couldn't believe that I didn't say I love you back.  One of them gushed that I was so lucky.  One of them rolled her eyes and told me to give her a break.  Either way, he said I love you and I said thank you.

I hadn't really thought of that day or, really of him, in years.  Sure, I heard from him through Facebook a few years back and occasionally I see him tagged in a picture with his family.  Yet, in the past few weeks I can't help but think of him. 

You see, I tell my sweet daughters, as often as I can, that I love them.  Addison often plays a game with me called I love you.  It goes a bit like this - I love you bigger than the sky  I love you deeper than the ocean.  I love you to the moon and back.  I love brighter than the sun. We go back and forth like this over and over until one of us says I love you just the way you are.  Who ever says that first wins the I love you game.  We are pretty well tied in our score.

Brenna, however, when I say to her  I love you, looks up at me, with those chocolate brown eyes that look just like her father's, and says Thank you or I know or Yep.

I now think about how harsh my fifteen year old self was.  I was honest, but harsh.

I am hoping Brenna is not being harshly honest, just two and a half.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mother Nature continues to mess with our minds in southwest Ohio.  One day it feels like Spring has finally graced us with her presence and the next there is snow falling on the ground and winter jackets once again being put on.   Unfortunately, this St. Patrick's day is one of the latter.  It is gloomy and cheerless and currently only 25 degrees.
Luckily for a moment this weekend there was enough sunshine to feel like a gin and tonic was in order (that may have been overly wishful thinking), an impromptu game of soccer in the front yard and plenty of bubbles on the driveway, topped off with steak on the grill.  All those wonderful things almost made up for the fact that it seems that we are running headlong into the start of the terrible threes. 
 I would love to tell you more about the threes, the horrific, bossy, opinionated threes, but right this minute I am being screeched at for attention, to get dat, to come here, to do it all NOW MOMMY.   {sigh}.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


This time last week my house was overflowing with people.  We stacked, for at least one night, twelve adults and six kiddos, throughout the house.  It was nothing short of barely contained chaos.  There were bodies and shoes and toys and cocktails everywhere you looked.  Most importantly, though, there was laughter.  Lots of wonderful, loud, raucous laughter.
The adults decided to take on yet another Cincy Winter Beerfest and the kiddos played under the watchful eyes of my wonderful neighbors.  But beyond Beerfest, the weekend was an excuse to get some old friends, with busy schedules, together for a few hectic, wonderful moments. 
There is a mountain of towels and sheets hibernating on my basement floor, I am still trying to catch up on sleep, but it all was so very worth it.
There is a beautiful ease in being with old friends that warms my heart.  The ability to laugh about old embarrassments, to understand unspoken words, to just sit and be.  Be comfortable.  Be supported.  Be happy.  And in all of that there is the beauty of watching the next generation form their bonds, watching them laugh and be silly and remind us how fortunate we all are to have them and each other. 

And large pretzel necklaces.  Large pretzel necklaces are a true blessing when it comes to Beer Festivals.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Photos on a Friday

We are defrosting around these parts.  The grass is showing, the cul-de-sac was full of kids on bikes yesterday, Addie hasn't worn tights to school for the past two days.   But not so long ago we were cooped up, sipping hot chocolate, trying to survive yet another snow day.
I was pretty sure that the snow days this year were going to be my demise.  They were novel and fun at first, but by our last one I was convinced Andy was going to have to hospitalize me.  I was out of crafty ideas, we had seen too many movies, I couldn't play anymore dolls or supermarket or blocks.  I needed school back in session.  This week is Addie's first full 5 day week of school since Thanksgiving.  No joke, she has had either a holiday, snow day, or early dismissal every week since the last week of November
Oops, I'm wrong.  Addie only had a four day school week because of Presidents Day. 
Good darn thing, I like these little ladies.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh, hi, there.
You're still here?  Really?  That is so kind of you.  I surely don't deserve the 30 seconds you just took to navigate your way over here.

So here we are - 2014.  The kitchen is cleaned up, Miss B Bear is still sleeping soundly even though it's 8:21 a.m.  The school bus left 35 minutes ago, I'm caught up on Game of Thrones, and my cup of coffee is begging to be enjoyed. 

Us Neyers survived the chaos of the holidays and the first of the year.  Our house is bursting at the seams with new toys and gifts.  Addison is heavily into her Rainbow Loom - she has gone to Rainbow Loom classes at Michael's, and we are now officially subscribed to a Rainbow Loom channel on YouTube.  If you need a pretty elastic accessory, we are the people to talk to.  Brenna's latest joys are playing MegaBlocks and coloring.  She builds towers and houses every day, and as much as she loves building, Andy and I are pretty convinced she likes cleaning up her blocks just as well.  Yesterday she spent several minutes standing about three feet from the blocks container trying to throw her blocks in it.  Each time she missed, which was every time, she would look confused and mutter Oh darn it, one her favorite things to say.  When she isn't immersed in blocks, she sits at the kitchen table scribbling masterpieces for neighborhoodShe has quite the color sense, I must say.

Over the course of the past few months I have found myself short on patience and quick to raise my voice.  It has been frustrating and borderline ridiculous - so this year instead of resolutions that I never follow, I thought I would just try to be a little more present, a little less distracted, a lot more patient.  So far it's going slightly better. 

Speaking of being better, we have decided to be slightly healthier humans over here.  Our family joined the YMCA at the end of October and Andy and I have both been working out at least three times a week since then.   Somehow being more active has parlayed into eating better too.  Our house has been well renowned for cream cheese products and pepperoni - these days you more than likely will find us snacking on hummus and skinny pop popcorn.   It's crazy.  There have been nights where our entire conversations revolve around what new exercise we did at the gym, our split times on the treadmill and what appropriate serving sizes are.  Don't get me wrong, people. our fridge is still well stocked with beer and wine, and when our friends suggested the house made donuts when we were out last weekend, we didn't think twice about sharing a double order.

They are predicting more snow and a freezing mix later this week - which means I'll be housebound, as Cincinnati shuts down at the mere mention of snow.  Perhaps I'll find a way back here for a bit - I'd like to.  I won't promise though because I just don't want  the guilt of breaking my word. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Twinkle toes

For some reason these 25 seconds make my heart so full it may just burst.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

It's not really cold outside today, in fact, it's quite balmy.  Regardless, this has been B's song of choice today and it truly makes even grouchy old me smile.